OJE Origins

The Otsego Jazz Ensemble was formed in 1986 by Chuck Lund (bari) and a few other musicians from a local concert band.  Three original members are still with the band today:  Jeff Bourdo (skins), Brian Nichols (bass bone), and Dale Gregg (2nd tenor).   Our gigs have included a large variety of locations and venues, including a number of events over the years at the Kalamazoo Air Zoo, pictured here. 

From community events to jazz concerts, wedding receptions to ballroom dancing, we’ve scaled quite a variety of musical mountains. See Who We Are for more details.  The band is currently under the very capable direction of trumpeter Tim Culver. 

For the 2020 season, the band is performing at potentially two jazz festivals, a handful of jazz concerts, several dances and fundraisers.  Please see our Event Calendar and News From OJE Creative Director for more details.

Yes, even after 33 years this band is going as strong as ever, and we continue to diversify the portfolio and style of music we perform, but all still under the great umbrella known as jazz.